We provide consulting services in Academics, Health Care and Energy.

Services: Health Care

SCG trained staff can create health care models to analyze your practices from patient perspective.

Health Care Analysis

SCG trained staff can create models to analyze your business practices from patient perspective. The analytics can include:

  • Performance analysis how your Electronic Medical Record system is working for you.
  • Which EMR is right for you.
  • Training for your staff.
  • Investment analysis.
  • Risk analysis.

Bio-informatics Analysis

  • The statistical analysis of microarray data.
  • Genome data analysis.
  • Analysis of gene expressions.
  • Prediction of protein structures.
  • Genomic database searches.
  • Self organizing maps and neural network analysis of gene expressions.
  • Drug discovery analysis for chemical compounds.

Material's 3-D Atomistic Analysis and Testing

  • Energy audit for your business, organizations and homes.
  • Design of energy efficient systems for business organizations.
  • Solar architecture with passive solar collectors.
  • Solar thermal systems – HVAC, Distillation, Water heating and other.
  • Solar photovoltaic systems and power generation.
  • Biofuels - and hybrid automotive systems – fuel cells.
  • Energy economics studies.