We provide consulting services in field of Technology, Management, Analytics and Energy.

Services: Technology

Social Networking, Social Media, Cloud, Web Services, platform and delivery. How do these all stack up. Let us create the technology roadmap for you and enhance your internet infrastructure.

Technology Consulting for Higher Education

This group provides consulting and technology integration solutions for Universities and Colleges to put their programs and degree on-line using adaptive technology in a cost effective manner.

Technology Consulting for Publishing Industry

The publishing industry is going through a critical change to digital medium. SCG can work with publishers to help streamline the digital product production process, by providing technology tools and optimization of production process. SCG has developed technology that allows creation of multiple digital products, such as, eBook, DVD, course cartridges, website, multimedia simulations from the same source of content. The productions of digital products that are bundled with books are produced with efficiency and effectiveness saving millions of dollars and with fast delivery of products.

Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Integrated Solutions

The web services technology architecture now allows business and educational organizations to offer social networking opportunity with - Wiki, Blogs, Forums, You Tube, Face Book, IM, and wireless applications. SCG provides expertise in designing technological solutions combining web services model and creating a strong infrastructure.

Information Technology Solutions

For both small and large organizations the information technology solutions are extremely important for smooth operations. From a small decision to get a Internet service provider to implementation of VOIP and Virtualization with multi-tiered IT server-client architecture, SCG will provide you expert advise that will save you millions of dollars in terms of IT infrastructure cost. SCG can help you to migrate to the Cloud.