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Expert Series: Entrepreneurship

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Synaptic Learning Course on Entrepreneurship

At one time or other everyone dreams about starting and owning a business. The process of starting a new business requires understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. This short course you will hear first hand from the leading industry experts all about the challenges and rewards of being a successful entrepreneur. You always dreamed to start your own business, now take this short course to know all about the excitement of the process. As they say, once entrepreneur always an entrepreneur.

Lesson 1. The DNA of the Entrepreneur
Expert: Dame Anita Roddick, Founder Body Shop International

Lesson 2. Benefits of Entrepreneurial Economy
Expert:  Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Founder, easyGroup

Lesson 3: Time Management is an Entrepreneur’s Greatest Challenge
Expert:  Kellyanne Convey, CEO and President of the Polling Company

Synaptic Learning Pedagogy: Each lesson has following three components to increase action potential in your brain using audio/visual, text and interactive assessment methods. All these activities are designed for your brain to fast neuronal path under which increases your action potential in the brain to retain knowledge gained through each lesson.

  • Video:  For you to hear the expert
  • Text:  For you to understand the expert we have transcript of video and take aways
  • Assessment:  A short diagnostic quiz for self-assessment.

Once you finish the assessment and learn your score you can cycle again through the lesson to improve your learning.


Content: 50 Lessons
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